Forever Ace: The Richard Bong Story
 We have photos, courtesy of the Bong Heritage Center, and maps of the Pacific areas where Bong flew during WWII and a complete script of the documentary. Please use these resources to increase your enjoyment of this brand new radio documentary chronicling the story of a true local hero.

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Richard Bong in his P-38

Dick with General Paul Wurtsmith ,  Commander of Fifth Air Force Fighter Command. Wurtsmith has just presented Dick with the Distinguished Service Cross for his July 26 1943 victories-2 Zeros and 2 ‘Tonys’.




Richard Bong and Marge

Dick with Jimmy Mattern of Lockheed during a visit to their plant.   Mattern was one of Lockheed’s test pilots on the P-38 project
Dick and Marge



Richard Bong and General MacArthur
at Tacloban Airfield, December 1944

Dick Bong and Bing Crosby

Dick and Marge at a counter

Applying for a marriage license

Dick and Marge (center)
with Judy Garland



Marge Vattendahl Bong

Wedding crowd outside Concordia Lutheran Church in Superior on February 10, 1945

Wedding Vows

Marge in combat


Richard Bong and General MacArthur
Funeral, August  1945,
Concordia Lutheran Church